• Description
    • A great playable Flash rendition of the classic 1979 Asteroids Atari Game. Smooth graphics and physics that capture the spirit of the original.
  • Instructions
    • Use Left and Right arrow keys to rotate your spacecraft. Up arrow to accelerate and space-bar to shoot. Avoid asteroids and space rocks, as well as the more menacing enemy alien ships that will shoot at you.
  • Trivia and Fun Facts
    • Asteroids was by far Atari's biggest money making game in the late 1970 earning it at least $150 Million (apprx $425 million in 2014 dollars) - that's nothing compared to the $550 million (apprx $1.3 billion in 2014) arcade operators made! That's over 2 billion quarters dropping.
  • Game History
    • Asteroids was hugely successful upon it's release in November 1979. In less than a year, Asteroids displaced Space Invaders by popularity in the United States and became Atari's best selling arcade game of all time, with over 70,000 arcade game units sold.