• Description
    • Defender is an arcade video game developed and released by Williams Electronics in February 1981.[1] A shooting game featuring two-dimensional (2D) graphics, the game is set on a fictional planet where the player must defeat waves of invading aliens while protecting astronauts. Development was led by Eugene Jarvis, a pinball programmer at Williams; Defender was Jarvis' first video game project and drew inspiration from Space Invaders and Asteroids. Williams planned to display the game at the Amusement & Music Operators Association (AMOA) trade show, though development delays resulted in the team working on the game up until the show started.
  • Instructions
    • Comtrols:
      Use the arrow keys for spacecraft movement.
      [Spacebar] = Cannon Fire
      [S] = Smart Bomb
      [D] = Hyperspace

      1.Avoid using hyperspace unless you are about to die. Fighting off attacks, regardless of the number of enemies will make you a better Defender player.
      2.Baiters can usually be overcome by hitting the reverse button twice quickly. They will fly past you and be in range for your fire power. Do NOT try to outrun them - Baiters are faster than your ship.
      3.Swarmers are pretty easy to defeat. You can hit reverse as soon as they fly past you and fly behind them. They cannot shoot backwards so you can blast away at will.
      4.At higher levels you will need to play God and even sacrifice some humanoids by killing them yourself to preserve the rest of the planet's population. The planet is too large for you protect and you are sparing the humanoids from a fate worst than death mutation. Do not worry, these humanoids reproduce quickly and overpopulation has always been a constant problem. The planet will be fully populated at the start of every fifth attack wave configurable.
  • Trivia and Fun Facts
    • Defender shared the title of Highest Grossing Video Game of All Time along with PacMan. To date it has earned more than ONE BILLION dollars
      According to Midway, the geneology of the games is as follows: Defender, Stargate, Robotron: 2084, Blaster.

      This game was included in the Williams Arcades Greatest Hits game for PCs and the PlayStation game console. The release also included Stargate as Defender II, Bubbles, Joust, Sinistar and Robotron: 2084.
  • Game History
    • This is a flash adaptation by of the original 1979 Defender game by Williams. The original's look, feel and spirt are quite are quite alive in this new rebooted version.

      Defender was Williams Electronics' first attempt at developing a new video game. The company's earlier game, a Pong clone, was an abject failure. The booming popularity of coin operated arcade games in 1979 spurred Williams Company to shift its focus from pinball games to coin operated video arcade games. The company chose Eugene Jarvis, who had a successful record of Williams pinball games to head development the new game which would become the legendary ‘Defender’ we all love. Mr Jarvis was given virtually free creative reign, and chose Larry DeMar, Sam Dicker, and Paul Dussault as his assistants .