• Description
    • One of the nicest translation clones of the retro classic, Galaxian. Overall feel of game is very close to the original. The flash rendistion was designed by
      Galaxian expanded on the formula pioneered by Space Invaders. As in the earlier game, Galaxian features a horde of attacking aliens that exchanged shots with the player. In contrast to Space Invaders, Galaxian added an element of drama by having the aliens periodically make kamikaze-like dives at the player's ship, the Galaxip.[1] This made it the first game to feature enemies with individual personalities.[2] The game's plot consists of a title screen that displayed the message "WE ARE THE GALAXIANS / MISSION: DESTROY ALIENS".[3]

      Galaxian was very successful for Namco and introduced several "firsts". Although not the first color video game, Galaxian took RGB color graphics a step further with multi-colored animated sprites and explosions, different colored fonts for the score and high score, the scrolling starfield, and graphic icons that show the number of lives left and how many stages the player had completed. It also features a crude theme song and more prominent background "music." These elements combine to create a look and feel that would set the standard for arcade games in the 1980s such as Pac-Man.
  • Instructions
    • Use the Left and Right arrows to move your ship from side to side. Avoid enemies that will try to shoot or crash into your ship. If your ship gets captured by the alien tractor beam, it's not accessible until retrieved.
  • Trivia and Fun Facts
    • Created to compete with Space Invaders, Galaga was unique in that it featured a color screen and had aliens attack in swooping formation.

      In 1980 Namco partnered with the American company Midway to release the game in North America. Midway had previously published Space Invaders in the market, but had to seek new foreign partners when Taito decided to market their games themselves.
  • Game History
    • Galaxian flyer.jpg
      U.S. arcade flyer for Galaxian.
      Developer(s) Namco
      Publisher(s) JP Namco
      NA Midway

      Designer(s) Kazunori Sawano (沢野和則) — Designer
      Kōichi Tashiro (田城幸一) — Programmer
      Shigekazu Ishimura (石村繁一) — Hardware designer
      Platform(s) Arcade, Various
      Release date(s) JP October 1979
      NA December 1979

      Genre(s) Fixed shooter
      Mode(s) Up to 2 players, alternating turns
      Cabinet Upright, cabaret, and cocktail
      Arcade system Namco Galaxian
      CPU 1x ZiLOG Z80 @ 3.072 MHz
      Sound Discrete
      Display Vertical orientation, Raster (RGB color), 224 x 256 resolution

      Galaxian (ギャラクシアン Gyarakushian?) is an arcade game that was developed by Namco in October 1979. It was published by Namco in Japan and imported to North America by Midway that December. A fixed shooter game in which the player controls a spaceship at the bottom of the screen, and shoots enemies descending in various directions, it was designed to compete with Taito Corporation's successful earlier game Space Invaders (which was released in the previous year, and also imported to the US by Midway Games).