Jungle King


  • Description
    • An early side-scrolling (and diagonal-scrolling) platformer, featuring vine-swinging mechanics, run & jump sequences, climbing hills, and swimming

      The game has four screens: a forest of swinging vines, a river of crocodiles, a hill of falling rocks and a camp where two native African warriors dance around striking their spears up and down where our hero's woman dangles above a boiling cauldron.
  • Instructions
    • The player controls a Tarzan-like jungle man who must swing across vines in the forest, swim through a crocodile-infested river, jump and duck rocks while climbing a hill and rescue his woman from a pair of barbaric cannibals
  • Trivia and Fun Facts
    • Jungle Kinmg features the familiar Tarzan yell at certain parts of the game. Taito later released a nearly identical game called Jungle Hunt after the trustees of Edgar Rice Burroughs' estate, the people who own the rights to Tarzan, sued them for copyright infringement for using the character's likeness. In Jungle Hunt, the Tarzan character was replaced with a jungle explorer clad in a pith-helmet and safari jacket. On the first level, the vines were replaced by ropes. Also, there is no Tarzan yell at all throughout the game. It is rumored that Taito also released a third title called Pirate Pete that was supposed to be exactly the same except that all the characters were dressed as pirates.
  • Game History