• Description
    • Ladybug is somewhat of a Pacman clone, but in ways it's also unique. Featuring one of the best musical background and sound effects of it time, Ladybug appeals to a more female players than the typical other games of 1981. It was not until Ladybug appeared on the ColecoVision home system in 1982 did it's popularity become mainstream
  • Instructions
    • Move Ladybug throughout the garden maze with the keyboard arrow keys, Avoid nasty insects and collect as many vegetables as possible.
  • Trivia and Fun Facts
    • One of the less popular games of the early 80's, however it's popularity soared when it was released on the Colecovision home game system in 1982.
  • Game History
    • Ladybug was not a very popular game when it came out in 1981. Designed as cuter version and overall Pacman type clone, popularity of Ladybug the arcade game did not explode until 2 years later, when it came out on the Colecovision home gaming system. By then so few arcade cabinets existed (less then 5,000) that gamers never really got a chance to experience the arcade version too often.