• Description
    • Flash based versions of the classic Namco game RALLY-X are pretty much non-existant. Luckily, I happened to come across a Flash game 'F1 XX' by Video-Giochi.org which has a lot of features found in Rally-X. The homebrew game is kind of choppy and the IA of the chase cars pretty lame, but it's still definitely worth checking out - I had fun playing it!

      In the game, the player must direct a blue car around a maze which is supposed to resemble city streets. The car will automatically move in whichever direction the joystick is pushed, but if it runs into a wall, it will turn and continue. In every round, ten flags are scattered around the maze. The player must collect all of them to clear the round and move on to the next round. The flags increase in value as they are collected: the first is 100 points, the second is 200, the third is 300, and so on. There are also special flags (indicated by the letter "S") — if the player collects one of them, the value earned from flags doubles for the rest of the round. If the player dies, however, the next flag value is set back to 100 and the double bonus is lost. By collecting the special as the first flag with all 10 flags in one run, the maximum points the player can obtain from each round is 11000. The player will also obtain a fuel bonus after the round is complete, and it varies depending on how much fuel is remaining according to the fuel gauge.
  • Instructions
    • Use the keyboarfd arrows to drive your rally car around the maze to capture the flags, space bar for smokescreen. Goal is to capture the yellow flags. Use the radar to help in your drive!

      The player moves his car around the maze, avoiding several red cars that chase the player. The object is to collect ten yellow flags that are in the maze. The player can temporarily stun the red cars with its smokescreen. Every third round, the player must move around the maze collecting the flags before fuel runs out, and the cars start to move.
  • Trivia and Fun Facts
    • First game to feature a "bonus" round, background music,[116] and a radar.[45] When released, was predicted to outsell two other new releases: Pac-Man and Defender.
  • Game History
    • Released in the summer of 1980 by Midway Mfg.