Space Invaders

  • Description
    • Here we have a flash version clone of the Grandaddy of all video games - Space Invaders. This flash version of the classic is worthy of it's name. It plays and feels almost identical to the

      Considered the game that revolutionized the video game industry.The first blockbuster video game, it established the shoot 'em up genre,and has influenced most shooter games since.

      Japanese company Taito had the inspired idea around 1978 that killing aliens was extremely good fun. So they invented a game called Space Invaders, lots of history then followed, some people got rich and so on...
      It's a simple game with simple graphics, but it has one of the most vital assets for any computer game — gameplay. Modern games seem to forget this with their fancy "3D graphics" and "millions of dollars". All you need is a pointy green thing which shoots white stuff at a rampaging invasion of wobbling blobs. They don't make 'em like they used to.
  • Instructions
    • Use the arrow keys to move left and right, use the space bar to shoot. As the aliens get closer, they get faster. Hide behind the shields if needed, and get bonus points and lives by hitting the red invader which flies across the top of the screen occasionally.

      How to play:
      Left arrow - Move left
      Right arrow - Move right
      Space - Fire laser
      P - Pause/unpause game
      Q - Quit game
      S - Small scale
  • Trivia and Fun Facts
    • 1001 Video Games
      The Arcade version of Space Invaders appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.
      Atari 2600 version
      Space Invaders for the Atari 2600 was the first home license of a coin-op video game. It is said that people were buying Atari 2600 just so they could play the game at home.
      The "space" invaders are creatures from the sea-octopi, squid, and crabs. The resemblance is much easier to spot in the coin-op version.

      After the first few months following its release in Japan, the game became very popular.[11] Specialty arcades opened with nothing but Space Invaders cabinets,[6][11] and by the end of 1978, Taito had installed over 100,000 machines and grossed over $600 million in Japan alone.[16] Within two years by 1980,[17] Taito had sold over 300,000 Space Invaders arcade machines in Japan,[18] in addition to 60,000 machines in the United States
      It is rumored that the arcade version of this game was responsible for a coin shortage in Japan upon it's initial release.
  • Game History
    • Space Invaders is one of the all time classic video games and kickstarted the modern games industry. It introduced the world to... fighting aliens! There wasn't much before it, Pong and Breakout basically.