If it's expensive, then it must be great? (NO!)

Today’s “High-End” arcades are a far cry from what used to be the best “MAME Arcade cabinets” over the past two decades. In determining the best-of-the-best we looked often overlooked attributes such as ability to modify or upgrade the units, excellent customer support, 

Bar-Top Retro Arcade with over 400 Games

Do not let the Galaga or Pacman display make you think this has only one game, all of these baby's include 412 classic games. This high quality bar-top arcade weighs 50 pounds and features a 19" gamer quality monitor. The study MDF constructed cabinet dimensions are 21" L, 22"W, 33"H.


  • Consistently one of highest rated “home pro quality” bar-top’s sold on Amazon
  • Ready to play out of the box, no oftware setup or cabinet assembly required.
  • Authentic arcade 8-way joystick & buttons, fits standard replacement parts
  • Internally. it’s powered by Game Elf’s “412-in-1” gaming CPU unit, which itself is highly rated on Amazon 
  • Two year hardware warranty with lifetime web and phone based support
  • Seemingly exact ROM’s of must-have classics like Pacman, Frogger, Galaga, .DigDug, Galaxian, Xevious, Burgertime.
  • Authentic licensed cabinet decal artwork with attractive matching color schema


  • The most common complaint is that the arcade does not save game high scores.
  • The list of games is not sorted alphabetically in the game launcher
  • No external volume control, however there is a helpful, but not very quick workaround by Michael show here
  • Does not have a back-lighted marquee
  • While it has 412 games, most folks will probably recognize 75 of them, probably 100 “junk games”
  • Though pretty obvious, since there’s no spinner or trackball, some of in included games like Centipede and Tempest are basically unplayable.
  • Unknown if hardware BIOS is upgradable.

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Complete List of 412 Games

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