Street Fighter II Classic Arcade Machine – Compact 5ft Stand, 17″ Screen, 14 Games – ARCADE1UP

Bring the golden age of arcade gaming to your home with the ARCADE1UP Street Fighter II Arcade Game Machine. This compact yet powerful console stands 5 feet tall and features a vibrant 17″ BOE screen, delivering an authentic gaming experience. It comes pre-loaded with 14 classic games, providing diverse challenges for all levels of players. Despite its size, it fits easily in any room, making it perfect for family game nights. Ready to play right out of the box, this machine revives the thrill of the arcade with original gameplay and controls. Dive into nostalgia and modern play with this timeless arcade cabinet.


  • 17″ BOE color display
  • 14 classic arcade games included
  • Authentic joystick and button controls
  • Compact 5ft design, fits any space
  • Ready-to-play, simple setup

Immerse yourself in the nostalgia and excitement of classic arcade gaming with our Street Fighter II ARCADE1UP Arcade Game Machine. Designed for enthusiasts and casual players alike, this machine is a perfect blend of timeless fun and modern convenience. The 17-inch BOE screen offers crisp, vibrant visuals, while the compact 5ft design ensures it fits comfortably in your home, whether in a game room, living room, or man cave.

Diverse Game Selection: Enjoy 14 iconic games, offering a range of genres from fighting to puzzle and action. This machine is designed to cater to various tastes and gaming preferences, ensuring hours of entertainment for everyone.

Authentic Gaming Experience: Feel the excitement of the arcade with genuine joystick and button controls that replicate the original gameplay. This machine is crafted for both intense one-on-one battles and casual play, making it suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Ready-to-Play Convenience: This arcade machine is hassle-free, requiring minimal setup. Simply plug it in and start playing. It’s an ideal choice for hosting game nights, parties, or reliving your childhood memories.

Customer Insights: Users have praised the ARCADE1UP Street Fighter II machine for its build quality, ease of assembly, and authentic arcade feel. It has been highlighted as a great addition to any man cave, family room, or entertainment space, offering both nostalgic value and contemporary entertainment.

Recommendation: Whether you’re a dedicated fan of retro games or looking for a unique entertainment option for your home, this arcade machine offers a perfect blend of classic appeal and modern functionality. It’s a great investment for creating memorable moments with family and friends.