EG STARTS 2 Player LED Arcade DIY Kit – Ellipse Joysticks & LED Buttons

Create the ultimate gaming experience with the EG STARTS 2 Player LED Arcade Games DIY Kit! This comprehensive package includes two ergonomic ellipse oval joystick handles and 20 dazzling LED-lit arcade buttons in red and blue, ensuring your arcade project looks as good as it plays. Designed for easy installation and compatibility with all Windows systems, this kit is perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking to build or upgrade their arcade setup. With zero delay encoders, every command is instant, making for unbeatable gameplay in your own home arcade.


  • Two ellipse oval joysticks for a comfortable grip
  • 20 LED-lit buttons in red and blue for an authentic arcade feel
  • Zero delay USB encoders for instant response
  • Easy installation with plug-and-play components
  • High-temperature resistant plastic for durability

Remember, this kit is an excellent choice for first-time builders and seasoned arcade enthusiasts alike, offering a fun project with rewarding results. Whether for personal enjoyment or as a unique gift, the EG STARTS DIY Kit delivers endless entertainment and a touch of nostalgia.

Unleash the full potential of your gaming experience with the EG STARTS 2 Player Arcade Games DIY Kit. This meticulously crafted kit is designed for gamers who cherish authenticity and a personalized touch in their gaming setup. Transform your space into a classic arcade hall with this comprehensive package that combines traditional gaming with modern technology.

Build Quality & Design: The EG STARTS kit features two high-quality ellipse oval joystick handles and 20 LED-lit buttons available in a striking red and blue color scheme. Made from durable, high-temperature-resistant plastic, these components are built to withstand intense gaming sessions and provide a long-lasting, premium feel. The elegant and ergonomic design of the joysticks, paired with vibrant LED buttons, ensures your arcade machine stands out while offering comfortable, responsive gameplay.

Zero Delay Gaming: Experience seamless gameplay with 100% zero delay encoders ensuring every move and button press is instantly registered. This kit supports all Windows systems, offering a flawless gaming experience whether you’re reliving nostalgic classics or engaging in modern combat.

DIY Customization & Compatibility: The EG STARTS DIY Kit is a dream for arcade enthusiasts and modders. The plug-and-play setup allows for straightforward installation, making it accessible for DIY beginners while still offering customization options for more experienced builders. Compatible with PC, Raspberry Pi, and various gaming platforms, this kit provides the versatility needed to create a unique arcade system tailored to your preferences.

Social Gaming Experience: Designed for two players, this kit is perfect for friendly competitions or cooperative play. Challenge friends and family to your favorite fighting games, puzzle challenges, or retro classics. The shared gaming experience brings a touch of nostalgic arcade camaraderie into your home.

Installation & Support: Ease of assembly is a key feature of this kit. With detailed instructions and all necessary wires included, you can build your dream arcade setup with minimal hassle. The EG STARTS customer support team is ready to assist with any questions or issues during the assembly process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable building experience.

Whether you’re creating a new arcade cabinet from scratch or upgrading an existing setup, the EG STARTS 2 Player Arcade Games DIY Kit provides all the essentials for a spectacular gaming experience. With its premium build quality, zero delay performance, and easy customization, this kit stands out as an excellent choice for arcade enthusiasts worldwide. Dive into the world of arcade gaming and enjoy endless hours of fun with the EG STARTS DIY Kit.