LVL23 2-Player DIY Bartop Arcade Cabinet Kit – Compatible with 19″ to 23″ Screens – SanwaALL30 Option

Unlock the ultimate DIY project with the LVL23 2 Player Bartop Arcade Cabinet Kit! Designed for gaming enthusiasts, this kit allows you to construct your own arcade system. Suitable for 19″ to 23″ screens and available in the SanwaALL30 style for enhanced gameplay, it includes pre-cut, routed, and pre-drilled MDF parts. Assembly is straightforward with detailed instructions, adjustable monitor positioning, and interior shelves for game systems. Customize with your choice of joysticks, buttons, and more. Bring the classic arcade experience to your home or office with this versatile, easy-to-build cabinet kit.


  • Easy-to-assemble MDF cabinet kit
  • Compatible with 19” to 23” screens
  • Pre-routed for marquee bracket and speaker mounting
  • Supports Sanwa or HAPP controls (SanwaALL30 version available)
  • Customizable button layouts for personalized gaming experience
  • Interior shelf for game system storage

Transform your space into an arcade haven with the LVL23 2 Player Bartop Arcade Cabinet Kit from LEP1 Customs, LLC. This DIY kit is perfect for hobbyists and gamers alike, offering a comprehensive package to build a high-quality arcade system. The kit caters to various screen sizes, from 19″ squares to 23″ widescreens, and is equipped with features like an integrated marquee bracket and baton indents for simpler assembly.

Customization at Your Fingertips: Choose between HAPP or Sanwa controls to match your gaming style, with the SanwaALL30 option providing versatility for button sizes. The kit includes pre-drilled holes for a tailored control setup and interior space to house any standard game system.

Build with Ease: With numbered supports and clear instructions, assembly is accessible to builders of all skill levels. The design facilitates easy monitor installation and speaker setup for a full arcade experience.

Personalization: The cabinet’s design allows for extensive personalization. Add your touch with paint, decals, or marquee lighting to create a unique arcade piece that stands out.

Whether you’re reliving cherished arcade memories or introducing a new generation to classic gaming, the LVL23 Bartop Arcade Cabinet Kit offers everything needed to create a personalized gaming experience right in your home.