Quarter arcades Official Polybius 1/4 Sized Mini Arcade Cabinet

Rumored to have been an addictive arcade game, Polybius appeared first in the early 80’s and allegedly disappeared without a trace… Speculation surrounded the game causing many  to believe it was a tool used by the US government to test and recruit potential soldiers—others claimed that the CIA was using it to brainwash people! As we love the story that Polybius brought to the world, we want to see it celebrated and we have now introduced our own version of this fabled arcade cabinet to Quarter Arcades! Coming complete with a whopping 10 USB hubs to power all your other cabinets, screen video and audio, this is one piece of gaming history you’d want to add to your arsenal! PLEASE NOTE: This is a non-playable Quarter Arcade cabinet.

  • Polybius – ¼ scale replica of the mysterious 1980s Polybius cabinet that never existed (or did it?)
  • Power to unit – supplied with Universal Power with adaptors for international usage and features 10 USB 2.0 – Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard hubs to power up all your other Quarter Arcades.
  • Approx dimensions: 43cm/16.92 inches (Height) x 21cm/8.25 inches (Depth) x 15.7cm/6.3 inches (Width)
  • Quarter Arcades – collect them all to build your own miniature arcade!
  • Non-playable realistic replica – designed by experts and arcade gaming enthusiasts at Numskull Designs to deliver the closest rendition of retro gaming’s biggest urban legend.
  • High quality – made for durability, playability, and portability.
  • Comes packaged in mysterious black box packaging, a nod the story behind the conspiracy which makes this really feel like a top-secret suspicious item.