TX GIRL 1 Player Arcade DIY Kit: USB PC Bartop, Sanwa Buttons, 8 Way Joystick – Mixed Colors

Create your custom arcade setup with the TX GIRL Arcade Game DIY Accessories Kit for 1 player. This comprehensive kit supports all Windows systems and Raspberry Pi, featuring easy installation with video instructions available. The package includes a 100% zero-delay USB encoder, ensuring immediate response in gameplay. Choose your button and joystick ball colors from a mix including green, yellow, white, red, and blue to personalize your arcade project. Whether upgrading an existing system or starting a new DIY project, this kit provides all the essential components for a seamless and vibrant gaming experience.

Embark on your arcade building journey with the TX GIRL Arcade Game DIY Accessories Kit, designed specifically for enthusiasts looking to personalize their gaming experience. This kit is tailored for a one-player setup, ideal for bartop and Jamma projects.

Quality and Compatibility: Crafted with precision, the components in this kit are compatible with both Windows systems and Raspberry Pi, offering a versatile solution for various gaming setups. The included Sanwa-style buttons provide the authentic arcade feel, while the 8-way joystick ensures accurate and smooth movement during gameplay.

Customization and Ease of Use: With its easy-to-follow video instructions, assembling your arcade system has never been simpler. The kit allows you to select from multiple button and joystick colors, enabling you to customize your setup according to your preferences. Whether you prefer a uniform color scheme or a vibrant mixed-color array, this kit caters to all styles.

Reliable Performance: Experience uninterrupted gaming with the kit’s 100% zero-delay USB encoder, which translates your actions instantly on the screen. The reliability and precision of the components make for a satisfying and authentic gaming experience.

Ideal for DIY Projects: Whether you’re constructing a new arcade machine or revamping an old one, the TX GIRL Arcade Game DIY Accessories Kit provides all the necessary parts for a successful DIY project. Its compatibility with different systems and the high-quality build of its components make it a valuable addition to any arcade enthusiast’s collection.

Bring your arcade gaming dreams to life with the TX GIRL Arcade Game DIY Accessories Kit. With its combination of quality, compatibility, and customization options, it stands as the ideal choice for building your personalized arcade system.