EG STARTS 2 Player Arcade DIY Kit: Ellipse Joysticks & 20 LED Buttons – Mixed Colors

Elevate your gaming experience with the EG STARTS 2 Player Arcade Games DIY Kit. This comprehensive package includes two ellipse oval joystick handles and 20 vibrant LED-lit arcade buttons in a variety of colors. Designed for easy installation and compatibility with all Windows systems, this kit is perfect for building or upgrading your arcade MAME setup. With high-quality materials and 100% zero delay encoders, enjoy responsive and immersive gameplay. Whether you’re creating a new arcade cabinet or enhancing an existing one, this mixed color kit offers both style and functionality for any arcade enthusiast.

Transform your home arcade projects with the EG STARTS 2 Player Arcade Games DIY Kit. This all-inclusive package offers everything you need to create a customized arcade experience. Featuring two ergonomic ellipse oval joysticks and twenty LED-lit buttons in assorted colors, this kit brings your gaming to life with bright and engaging controls.

Crafted from high-temperature resistant plastic, the components are built to last through every game and session. The included 100% zero delay USB encoders ensure that your gameplay is as fast-paced and accurate as possible, eliminating lag and providing instant response.

Installation is a breeze with this kit; no soldering is needed, making it accessible for beginners and seasoned builders alike. The LED buttons light up beautifully, adding a vibrant touch to your arcade setup while enhancing the overall gaming atmosphere.

This kit is not only perfect for DIY MAME projects but also great for upgrading existing setups like Arcade 1Up machines. Users have praised the kit for its ease of installation, high quality, and excellent value. Whether used for personal enjoyment or shared with family and friends, the EG STARTS DIY Kit ensures your arcade build stands out while delivering top-notch performance.

Ideal for anyone looking to dive into the world of arcade gaming customization, the EG STARTS 2 Player Arcade Games DIY Kit is your gateway to endless entertainment and a must-have for your next project.