Haunted House 12-in-1 3D Digital Pinball Machine by TOY SHOCK

The Haunted House 12-in-1 Arcade Cabinet by TOY SHOCK brings the classic arcade experience into your home with its innovative 3D technology and sturdy construction. Featuring 12 iconic Gottlieb games, this machine provides endless entertainment for all ages. Its compact size, combined with solid metal legs, makes it an ideal addition to any game room.

Innovative 3D Gaming Technology:
Experience the thrill of pinball like never before with cutting-edge 3D technology that brings 12 classic Gottlieb pinball games to life. The Haunted House 3D Digital Pinball Machine offers a modern twist on traditional arcade games, providing a visually stunning gaming experience.

Interactive Display Options:
Customize your gaming experience with four alphanumeric displays or switch to a DMD/LCD screen for enhanced game interaction. These displays keep you informed with real-time player details, ball count, scores, and various game options.

Authentic Arcade Design:
Designed to capture the essence of traditional arcades, this cabinet is crafted at approximately 70% the size of a full-size pinball machine, making it a perfect fit for home use without sacrificing the feel of a genuine arcade experience.

Sturdy and Easy to Assemble:
Enjoy peace of mind with solid metal legs supported by secure 2-bolt screws per leg, ensuring stability and durability. Assembly is straightforward, requiring only 15 to 20 minutes, allowing more time for play and less for setup.

Features for Enhanced Immersion:
Dive into the game with a 24-inch playfield display and immerse yourself in the action with stereo speakers featuring adjustable volume controls. The backlit back box display enhances the overall gaming environment, providing a rich, immersive experience.

Ideal for Any Setting:
Whether for your living room, game room, or office, the Haunted House 3D Digital Pinball Machine’s sleek design and compact size make it a versatile choice for any space. It’s an all-ages entertainment solution that brings family and friends together for endless fun.

The Haunted House 12-in-1 3D Digital Pinball Machine by TOY SHOCK is more than just a game; it’s a gateway to nostalgia, innovation, and family fun. With its combination of classic gameplay, modern technology, and sturdy construction, it’s the ultimate addition to any home entertainment collection.