LEP1 Customs LVL32J 2 Player Upright Arcade Cabinet Kit – Supports 32″ Screen, HAPP Controls

Elevate your gaming space with the LEP1 Customs LVL32J 2 Player Upright Arcade Cabinet Kit. Designed for up to a 32″ widescreen display, this comprehensive kit includes pre-cut, routed, and pre-drilled MDF pieces for easy assembly. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, the kit comes equipped for HAPP joystick and button setups, catering to all your gaming needs. Standing nearly 64″ tall, this cabinet makes a bold statement in any room. Provide your own screen, joysticks, buttons, and game system to bring this classic arcade experience to life. Whether for casual play or intense gaming sessions, the LVL32J kit offers the ultimate arcade setup.

Immerse yourself in the nostalgia and excitement of arcade gaming with the LEP1 Customs LVL32J 2 Player Upright Arcade Cabinet Kit. Standing impressively at almost 64 inches tall and 31 inches wide, this kit is engineered for passionate gamers and DIY builders alike.

Craftsmanship and Design: Constructed from high-quality MDF, the LVL32J kit includes all necessary panels, pre-cut, routed, and pre-drilled for convenience and accuracy. The design caters to a 32″ widescreen monitor, providing a large and immersive display area for all types of games. The integrated marquee bracket and baton indents streamline the assembly process, making this kit accessible for builders of all skill levels.

Customization and Compatibility: Choose between HAPP and SANWA control setups to match your gaming style. The cabinet supports up to twenty HAPP standard 28mm buttons or Sanwa-style buttons, allowing for a fully personalized button layout. Additional pre-drilled holes accommodate two 4″ speakers, enhancing your gaming experience with powerful sound.

Versatile Gaming Platform: Compatible with various game systems such as Raspberry Pi, Pandora’s Box, or a traditional PC, the LVL32J cabinet is adaptable to your preferred gaming platform. Add your own power supply, wiring, and game system to create a unique arcade machine that stands out.

Final Touches: Complete your arcade cabinet with a custom marquee insert, optional plexiglass cover, and LED backlighting for an authentic look and feel. The sturdy construction and detailed design ensure that your arcade cabinet not only looks professional but also withstands the test of time.

Whether you’re recreating your favorite arcade classics or exploring new titles, the LEP1 Customs LVL32J 2 Player Upright Arcade Cabinet Kit provides the perfect foundation for your ultimate gaming haven.