Nintendo Prioritizes Hardware and Software Integration for Future Mario Games

Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Mario franchise and a prominent figure at Nintendo, recently confirmed the company’s commitment to prioritizing hardware and software integrated gaming experiences for future Mario games. Miyamoto’s comments came in response to questions about the role of mobile gaming in the company’s strategy.

According to Miyamoto, Nintendo’s core strategy is centered around providing an immersive gaming experience through hardware and software integration, with the intuitiveness of the control playing a critical role. While the company has explored the opportunities presented by mobile gaming, which he describes as a more common and generic device, it has found it challenging to determine what form the Mario games should take on this platform.

Miyamoto believes that his role as the director of Super Mario Run, the company’s first mobile game, was crucial in translating the Nintendo hardware experience to smart devices. Despite this success, he stated that mobile gaming would not be the “primary path” for future games starring the company mascot.

Although Nintendo has achieved success in the mobile market with titles like Super Mario Run and Mario Kart Tour, Miyamoto reaffirmed the company’s commitment to hardware and software integration. He acknowledged the benefits of mobile gaming in expanding the audience and gaming experience, but emphasized that the company’s focus remained on providing an immersive gaming experience through hardware and software integration.

It is yet to be announced when the next game starring Mario will be released, but Miyamoto advised fans to keep an eye on future Nintendo Directs for updates. With Nintendo’s emphasis on hardware and software integration, it will be interesting to see how the company continues to innovate and provide new gaming experiences for its fans.

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