MobyGames 25th Anniversary: Inside the Epic Journey and Future Plans!

MobyGames Celebrates a Quarter-Century of Chronicling Gaming History

In a significant milestone, Atari announces the celebration of MobyGames’ 25th Anniversary with a forward-looking vision packed with new plans and expansions slated for 2024. This celebration comes a few years after Atari’s strategic acquisition of MobyGames in March 2022, aiming to bolster its mission of documenting, celebrating, and preserving a vast repository of game-related information.

Revolutionizing the MobyGames Experience

Thanks to Atari’s support, MobyGames has witnessed a remarkable evolution, culminating in a major site upgrade that concluded in February 2023. This upgrade has not only improved site speed but has also introduced hundreds of updates, from new features to user interface enhancements suitable for both desktop and mobile users. The transformation offers an enriched experience to users, facilitating easier navigation and contribution to the platform’s extensive database, which boasts records on over 350,000 games, 1 million individuals, and 50,000 companies.

Introducing MobyPro: A New Era for Gaming Enthusiasts

MobyGames is set to launch MobyPro, a subscription-based service currently in its early beta phase. MobyPro promises to offer comprehensive access to the site, along with additional features and exclusive analytics data tailored for die-hard gaming aficionados and industry professionals alike.

Fostering a Community Around Retro Gaming and Arcade Classics

While MobyGames broadens its horizon, its commitment to celebrating retro gaming culture remains unwavering. From retro arcades to classic console games, MobyGames continues to be a treasure trove for enthusiasts of 1980’s and 1990’s arcade games, vintage video games, arcade classics, and the pixel art that defined a generation. This expansion promises to deepen the repository of knowledge and nostalgia surrounding these beloved game formats.

Nostalgia Meets Innovation

The tactile sensation of joystick manipulation, the cacophonous symphony of button mashing, the magnetic allure of the coin-op games, and the social camaraderie of multiplayer arcade experiences are immortalized within MobyGames’ database. Moreover, the planned expansion and introduction of MobyPro aim to connect past and present, offering detailed records and analytics that will serve not only as a trip down memory lane but as a vital resource for game developers, historians, and enthusiasts keen on understanding the evolution and impact of these games.

Charting the Path Forward: Continual Growth and Community Engagement

MobyGames’ ambitions far exceed mere documentation. By introducing tailored services aimed at professionals within the gaming industry, MobyGames is set to become an indispensable tool for developers, researchers, and enthusiasts. The platform plans to foster a vibrant community around gaming nostalgia, facilitating engagement, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, ensuring the legacy and joy of retro gaming and arcade classics are preserved for future generations.

The journey of MobyGames, from its inception 25 years ago to its present state and its plans for the future, represents a dedication to the gaming community. As MobyGames embarks on the next chapter of its journey, the support and engagement of its user base will be pivotal in shaping the landscape of gaming history documentation and preservation.

Join us in celebrating this monumental year for MobyGames, as we look forward to a future where the past and present of gaming are honored and preserved. Whether you’re a fan of high scores and arcade cabinets or pixel art and vintage video games, MobyGames invites you to be part of our ever-expanding community of gaming history enthusiasts.

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