TAPDRA 2P DIY Arcade Case Kit: Metal Base & Acrylic Panel for Arcade Stick

Elevate your arcade experience with the TAPDRA DIY Acrylic Panel and Metal Arcade Case kit. Perfect for 2 players, this kit combines a durable metal base with a clear acrylic panel, providing a solid foundation for your custom arcade machine. The kit includes an arcade box, rubber pads, and screws for assembly. Designed for 30MM and 24MM buttons, it accommodates two sets of controls for multiplayer gaming. Compatible with PC, Windows, Mac, and Android systems, the TAPDRA case supports both USB arcade kits and Pandora box kits. Assemble your own arcade controller and dive into the gaming action!

Premium Quality and Design: The TAPDRA DIY Arcade Case is meticulously crafted for arcade enthusiasts and DIY builders. The robust metal base ensures stability and longevity, while the sleek acrylic panel showcases your arcade’s internal setup. Its dimensions perfectly accommodate standard arcade components, making assembly straightforward and satisfying.

Versatile Compatibility: This kit is not just a housing; it’s a gateway to countless hours of gaming. Compatible with various systems like Windows PCs, Mac, and Android devices, it’s versatile enough to fit any gamer’s needs. Whether you’re setting up a traditional MAME system or a modern Pandora box, this case has you covered.

Easy Assembly and Customization: With all necessary parts included, assembly is hassle-free. Customize your setup with your choice of joysticks and buttons to match your gaming style. The case’s design makes it simple to swap out components and maintain your machine, ensuring your arcade stays in top condition.

For Gamers By Gamers: Designed with the gamer in mind, this kit features space for two players, making it ideal for head-to-head challenges or cooperative play. The layout is thoughtfully arranged to provide an authentic arcade experience, from intense fighting games to classic multiplayer titles.

Customer Satisfaction: Owners of the TAPDRA DIY Arcade Case have praised its solid build quality, great value, and the premium gaming experience it provides. Whether you’re building a home arcade or upgrading your gaming setup, this case delivers performance and style.

The TAPDRA DIY Acrylic Panel and Metal Arcade Case kit offers everything needed to create a professional-level arcade experience at home. With its durable construction, easy installation, and broad compatibility, it’s the ideal choice for both novice builders and seasoned arcade enthusiasts. Start your DIY project today and bring the classic arcade experience into your home with TAPDRA.