Tgoon 2P LED Arcade DIY Kit: Removable Joystick Balls, Dust Proof, USB

Unlock the fun of arcade gaming with the Tgoon 2 Player LED Arcade DIY Kit. This complete package includes everything needed for building a two-player arcade console, perfect for enthusiasts looking to customize their gaming experience. With removable joystick balls and dust-proof washers, maintenance is a breeze, ensuring your setup remains clean and functional. The high-temperature resistant buttons offer durability and responsive control, ideal for competitive play. Each encoder includes its own USB cable, providing independent connectivity for each player and enhancing the multiplayer experience. Whether for home arcades or fighting game consoles, this DIY kit brings your gaming adventures to life.

Step into the world of custom arcade gaming with the Tgoon 2 Player LED Arcade DIY Kit. Designed for gamers and DIY enthusiasts alike, this kit allows you to construct your own LED-lit arcade console tailored to your preferences.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Gaming:

  • Removable Joystick Balls: Customize your control sticks with different balls to match your style or mood. The removable feature also makes cleaning and maintenance hassle-free.
  • Dust-Proof Washers: Keep your console clean and dust-free with the included washers, prolonging the lifespan of your arcade setup.
  • High-Temperature Resistant Buttons: Crafted from durable plastic materials, these buttons withstand intense gaming sessions and high temperatures, ensuring lasting quality and reliability.
  • Independent USB Encoders: Each player’s controls connect via their own USB cable, eliminating interference and ensuring a smooth, lag-free gaming experience.

Versatile and User-Friendly: The Tgoon DIY kit is suitable for various arcade projects, from home console DIY arcades to shared arcade spaces and fighting game consoles. Its easy installation process and comprehensive components make it accessible for builders of all levels.

Ideal for Multiplayer Entertainment: Bring together friends and family for unforgettable gaming battles or cooperative play. The two-player setup and vibrant LED lighting enhance the arcade atmosphere, making every game an event.

Expand Your Gaming Possibilities: Whether upgrading an existing console or starting from scratch, the Tgoon 2 Player LED Arcade DIY Kit offers the flexibility and quality needed to create a personalized gaming haven. Dive into the DIY spirit and transform your gaming space with Tgoon.